Avoid over-identifying with your business’ logo design

I always try to tell my clients that your business logo should not be about you or a reflection of your individual personality. It should be about your business and should resonate confidence with your audience in a clear and concise manner. Although I say this so much, I find that I am all-too-often in the same situation of designing a brand identity around the likes, dislikes and individual personalities of my clients.

Why do we have this tendency to wrap so much of our identities in our business branding? After all, most of the time, you are not selling “yourself” but rather, a product or a service. The truth is, most consumers don’t care what makes you unique or special; they care whether or not your product or service is going to meet their needs. Can they find your product or service easily even if they are not looking very hard?

Exclusive Website & Logo Designs for Your business

No matter how poignant or however uniquely personal your final logo is to you, if it means nothing to anyone but you, it will be an epic fail every time. That is why it is important to separate your individual tastes and personality from your logo design. This is something a good logo designer will help you with. Remember, he or she is a trained professional in designing logos for businesses. Furthermore, they are neutral observers. They will help you maintain an objective point of view and advise you on a design direction that will best establish a feeling of confidence in your brand among your audience.

There are certainly examples of businesses where injecting a little or a even a lot of the owner’s individual personality makes sense or is even a great idea. But by and large, when designing your brand identity, it’s a good idea to set aside your personal tastes and defer to a professional logo designer for guidance on the best presentation for your brand.


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