Three Ways that YEXT Is Like The Devil

1) YEXT loves exploiting unfortunate circumstances. 

So does the Devil. It is very important to maintain correct address and contact information across the Internet.  Inconsistencies in your business listings and profiles can damage your search engine rankings.  For businesses that have moved around a lot, this can be a real problem.  And NOBODY but NOBODY love capitalizing on a problem more than the devil himself.

2)The Devil captures and imprisons human souls. 

YEXT captures and imprisons your business’s contact data. If you own a business and have recently tried to change your business listing information on a directory site, then chances are you’ve run up against the Devil – I mean YEXT.   YEXT has only been in business since 2006 but in that decade, has grown to generate $89 million a year in revenue.  They have done so capturing your business listing on local business directories and on various location maps such as Yahoo Local and MapQuest and making it nearly impossible for you to update that data without paying – and paying handsomely – for that service.

3) YEXT doesn’t want you to know the truth and neither does the Devil.

In a World of chaos and confusion, it’s important to be able to maintain truthful information to the public.  Information such as your business location and phone number should be easily managed for businesses.  However, many trusted business listing directories such as and have joined in league with YEXT in locking down data.  If a business owner tries to update his or her listing information, he or she is directed to an aggressive hard-sell page run by YEXT instead of being allowed to change their information.

In all seriousness, it’s important for companies like YEXT to exist.  They provide a legitimate service.  And while it may be worth paying for to many, there is indisputable evil in this system.  Paying for their service should not be the only option to optimize your online presence and present accurate business address information.

It’s also important to share the notion, that while YEXT might be the proverbial 800-pound gorilla in the World of data aggregation, it is NOT the only option. offers a much more affordable means to the same end.  While there are fewer business directories that work with, their service does cover the many of the more popular business directories.  This alternative can help business owners manage local SEO in less time at a fraction of the cost.


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