5 Overlooked SEO Tips

SEO is essential for businesses of all shapes and sizes. If you are a business owner who is currently using SEO strategies to capture new customers online or are interested in using SEO to help your business grow, you should make every effort to take advantage of the five commonly overlooked SEO tips listed below.

1. Use Images to Boost Rankings

All too often, website images are not optimized. In addition to optimized content, optimized images can improve SEO. All images should be sized appropriately and include proper alt tags that describe what they are showing. It’s a good idea to use keywords in alt tags so that your images rank for the keywords you are targeting.

2. Link Internally

While you may be focused on earning quality backlinks from other websites, you may be forgetting to link to pages on your own website. This is known as internal linking and can be very beneficial for SEO. If possible, include 3 to 4 internal links per page of content and use long tail keywords in the anchor text.

3. Ensure Fast Load Times

If your website takes forever to load, your rankings may suffer. Therefore, it’s essential that you ask a developer to help you ensure your website loads at a lightning-fast speed. A developer can speed up your site by minimizing HTTP requests, reducing server response time, enabling browser caching and compression, resizing images, and reducing plugins.

4. Implement HTTPS

HTTPS is a protocol that is designed to keep websites secure. Website visitors value secure connections, especially when they will be inputting private information. That being said, websites that adhere to best practices for user experience are more likely to rank higher in search engines.

5. Avoid Duplicate Content

You should go through every page of your site and make sure that the content is 100% original. Whether the duplicate content comes from within your domain or outside of your domain, your rankings may drop. To avoid duplicate content, you can consolidate similar pages, create unique title tags and meta descriptions, and use 301 redirects as well as canonical tags. By taking advantage of these overlooked SEO tips, your business can enjoy an increase in website traffic in addition to greater brand awareness and improved conversion rates.


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